Start Conversations With Engaged Buyers on Your Website

You did it. You got their attention. You’ve driven qualified buyers onto your website. But now what?

You can either wait for them to submit a form, or you can speak to them NOW, while they’re engaging on your site and make that marketing-to-sales handoff in real-time. This is where Insent can become your next move.

You can breakthrough with a humanized approach to conversational marketing that will automatically route your target accounts to their appropriate sales rep in real time, and enable them to strike up a relevant, timely conversation.

Insent is a human-first chat platform that helps you identify and speak with the buyers you worked so hard to attract. With Insent, your sales team gets notified once qualified leads are on your site and have met an engagement threshold (set by you). Your sales team can then leverage visitor intelligence and Insent’s integration with Salesforce to strike up a conversation with smarter context.


But why human-first? When engaged buyers who are ready to take the next step in their buying journey come across a bot, they experience friction coupled with frustration. Nothing beats that human connection we crave, especially when we hit a roadblock. At Insent, we believe in the power of real-time conversations - completely made possibly by putting the faces behind your business at the centre of your marketing strategy. Your sales team can roll out the red carpet for your high valued prospects and engage. You can sidepass the long forms, tedious email exchanges and skip right to the immediate human connection.

Conversations have proven to accelerate your deals and book meetings around the clock. Want to make your conversation even more personalized? Insent’s platform will provide your sales team with personalized context to initiate conversations. You have all the information you need to connect with your prospects instantly.


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But what happens when you’ve missed your chance to connect with the prospect or your team is out of the office? That’s where the bot pops-in and acts as the second line of defense. The bot can engage, collect data and even provide your leads with the next best option; whether it be booking a demo, a sales meeting or simply providing them with the right resources to make their decision.

At the end of it all, with Insent’s platform you can convert your website into the ultimate funnel for all your marketing and sales initiatives. Leverage your website to convert your sales leads into target accounts and double down on your marketing efforts.

With Insent, you can do it all. Plus, our smart integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, MS Teams and Slack allows you to seamlessly integrate Insent with all your existing platforms. We make it that easy to get started.


Insent is a human-first B2B chat platform that allows you to place your prospects and the faces behind your business at the center of your business strategy.




Aatharsha Jey

Aatharsha is the Digital Marketer at Insent. She loves creating B2B marketing experiences that help marketers stand out from the crowd and fill their funnel with qualified buyers.

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