November 2020: New Product Enhancements at Insent

We’ve been busy this past month! From growing our team with new members to exciting product updates, it has been an exciting ride. As always, we’re constantly championing for our customers needs, and this means listening to your feedback and putting it into action.

With that said, we’ve rolled out some new features and upgraded some existing ones so that your experience with Insent is always at the top.

Introducing: Personalized Greeting Messages

Leave a fantastic first impression with personalized greeting messages. Greeting message personalization enables your organization to engage better with visitors on your website. It helps you use dynamic customer attributes to craft a hyper-customized first touch-point with your site visitors. We call these attributes Personalization tokens, and they’re quite useful.

Note: You can set up greeting messages without Personalization Tokens as well.

You could bring in data fields from your MarTech tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, or Pardot and use them to enrich your chatbot experience. We’ve made it that much easier.

Here’s how a personalized greeting message will look like:

Updated: User Interface

With the new changes to the greeting message experience, we’ve also made two minor upgrades to the user interface. What does this entail?

We’ve removed the 'Personalize' option in the Widget Settings tab as it is rendered obsolete with the greeting message personalization upgrade. Now you can set up a personalized greeting message from the Conversation flow tab.

With this update, you can refer to a user by their first name in the greeting message on the chatbot pop-up to make way for a super personalized first touch experience!

Updated: Deep Audience Segmentation with Salesforce Pardot

Now this is a big one. We’re you bringing deep audience segmentation capabilities with Salesforce Pardot.

The Insent and Pardot Integration helps Insent customers identify visitors using Pardot’s capabilities. Insent uses Pardot data to target the right audience on your website and connect them with suitable agents.

Recently, we’ve rolled out rule-based audience segmentation through Pardot lists, and it helps you work with segments created by your marketing team in Pardot. Overall, this change brings more control to you as an Insent administrator without signing into Pardot.

Are you thinking of moving to Pardot? Maybe you’re looking for a deeply integrated conversational marketing chatbot? Especially one that integrates seamlessly with your existing MarTech stack.

Our team is always open to a chat, so set up a call today and we’d love to help you out.

What’s to come?

There’s always more. Our team is constantly working hard to improve the platform’s efficiency on a daily basis. And, our users are noticing a difference. We place our customers at the forefront of our operations, and we’re glad to make their experience all the more better with Insent.

Stay tuned for some new updates coming your way in the upcoming months.

Karthik KV

Karthik is the Customer Success Manager at, a human-first conversational marketing platform that connects B2B marketers to their target prospects the moment they land on their website.

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