May 2020: New Product Enhancements at Insent

We’re aware that with the current crisis, you will need an updated arsenal. Our team has been working steadily to bring you more sophisticated features to help make your conversational marketing efforts more powerful. We are excited to announce our new product updates for this month.

Introducing: Insent IP-Based Visitor Intelligence

With the new IP-Based Visitor Intelligence, Insent will reveal your high-value prospects when they visit your website, by translating their IP address to their account. You will understand who is visiting your website and engage with them in real-time with meaningful conversations. Now, take action as soon as your best prospects are on your website.

Introducing: Insent Firmographic Data Enrichment

You can now segment your account audience based on firmographic data directly from Insent. In addition to this, you will have better account information about your visitors in your Inbox and Slack.

Create more targeted audience segments: You will be able to create your audience based on the company name, website domain, geolocation, revenue range, employee range, industry, and SIC code.

More information about your visitors: You will be able to get more context about the visitors on your website through your Inbox and Slack requests. This will include information about the account of the visitor, company name, industry, revenue, etc.


Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 8.16.42 PM

Updated: User Experience

From talking to Insent’s customers and power users, we decided to make Insent’s dashboard more intuitive. We will be rolling out an updated user experience with a new navigation experience and a better menu structure.

Easy navigation: We separated our features and grouped them into sections for easy access. This will allow all your integrations, related settings, conversations, and messages to be grouped for you to easily access and navigate

Easy access to settings: We combined all the platform settings and have given you full control; allowing you to access all your settings together

Updated Inbox: With our new and updated inbox, which features a better design, easy to use, and powerful WYSIWYG editor, you will be able to create custom styled messages to enlighten your customers.

As you know by now, we ship updates very quickly. Most, if not all, of these features are prioritized as per your needs and asks. We see you as part of our product advisory team group. So, if you have a feature you want, we would love to hear from you. Reply in our comments below.

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