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    Leverage Marketo and Conversational Marketing: The powerful duo

    A typical deal, in an average B2B scenario, involves 12 to 20 touchpoints. That is a lot of one-to-ones with your customers, virtually. To top all of this, all of it happens at the customer’s whim. They might repeatedly check your website, refer your emails, read the content you generate and come across your ads (hashtag well-done retargeting).

    How do you ensure all of this encapsulates your message and solves your buyer’s problem?

    One solution - Conversational Marketing.

    Combining Conversational Marketing with Marketo is like hitting an ace every time you serve. Imagine being able to do this for the prospects on your carefully curated Marketo list and the results it can lead to. The benefits can lead to progress and brand strengthening.

    Clear Objectives for your Buyer

    Marketo is an end-to-end personalized marketing product that nurtures your customer at every journey and touchpoint. Conversational Marketing takes that up by a notch and provides a clear directive and messaging for each next step. This creates consumer continuum.

    There are multiple ways in which you can do this. For instance, sending them the related articles while they are on your website, guiding them to related products, or just dropping a message to help them out. 

    When a prospect or a buyer is on your website, Marketo gives you unlimited options to nurture their journey. Their marketing-first approach combined with direct and clear messaging can alter your buyer’s interaction.

    An insight-backed buyer journey

    There’s this concept of flow that was explained by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a renowned psychologist. flow

    Flow guides effortless engagement and peace of mind due to getting lost in something. You see this happening when you read a book, watch a series, talk to a friend, or listen to a story. 

    You can use Marketo’s insights to build such a narrative for your buyer. Show your buyer consistent progress as they interact with your web presence. Every single click is an opportunity to translate to closing. Don’t make them go through a “you have to see it to believe it” journey. Show it to them. 

    Websites are your virtual presence. Your natural goal as a marketer should be making them closest to a real-life interaction.

    Distraction-free experience for your buyers

    Marketo is a data powerhouse. It’s an education about your customers. You have the numbers, the behavior, and information around who-is-seeking-what. They have attribution that measures every touchpoint in the customer journey and precisely identifies which channels and campaigns deliver the highest ROI.

    You can use all this information to leverage via conversations. When a buyer is on your website reading a case study to understand how you work, the last thing they expect is a blocking pop-up. Using Marketo’s insights, you can actually message opportunely and eliminate distractions. Also, instead of shooting darts in the dark with CTAs, push them as the buyer progresses.

    Eliminate frustration and fear for your buyers

    Use Marketo’s intense and sophisticated data-driven marketing automation to leverage your buyer’s interaction.  According to a report from Vanson Bourne, 80% of all businesses have adopted AI in some form, with automation being the most common use for this technology. The chatbots cash on it while keeping the human-ness intact.

    When a buyer visits your website, they have some questions in mind. If the questions are not answered and they are unable to find the content they want, they not only get frustrated but also lose interest. Change this with great conversations and clear messaging.

    With conversational marketing, B2B companies can capture and qualify leads faster. You can convert more than 80% of your new buyers by giving them what they are seeking in real-time. No one wants mystery navigation and a UX that is a hive. Give your buyers the needed offering and what they seek,

    Have targeted, personal, and direct communication

    At, we believe that your website is your first sales representative. Even before your CRMs and your Sales Reps.

    And each buyer has their own personality, level of awareness, and queries. A TOFU prospect is way different from the one in BOFU. Your messaging cannot be the same for all of them. Add to this, there are more factors to consider, vis-a-vis industries, demographics, and need. 

    With conversational marketing, you can keep all of that in mind and tailor your messaging. Marketo lets you specifically target based on the persona. Integrate your messaging and move things faster. Deliver a custom message to greet each prospect by their first name and direct them to the right ADR to further the conversation right from the screen they are on.


    The biggest sales and marketing mantra out there. The strategies have evolved and the buyer’s behavior has changed but they always want you to solve a problem for them, be it your products or services.

    People never buy what you do, people always buy why you do that. And moreover, people buy what’s in it for them. Your every single conversation with your customers is your chance to help them. And for every query you resolve, every problem you solve, they are subconsciously obliged to you.

    Marketo gives you the platform and conversational marketing gives you the voice to do the same. Direct your user, educate your customers, lead them to the sales team, push them up the marketing and sales funnel, and genuinely strengthen the relationship by resolving their issues.

    Add value while retargeting your customer

    When you do not treat the customer as per the way he has grown, you put him off. lets you follow the most basic human interaction rule while you use Marketo.

    “Pick the conversation from where you left it”.

    If the user has come after attending a webinar, greet him as such and direct them a step closer to the sales process. Retarget them to the next mature step depending on where they were last. If you push another demo to a prospect who has already seen one, you will lose credibility and on the worst days, a customer. 

    Turn every click into the next-level conversation. gives your sales reps parallel access to additional account/prospect details, campaign membership, and recent engagement. We are focusing on converting your website visitors to leads and connect your prospect to your SDRs and Sales Executives while they are on your site. All of it happens on one screen so no one misses out on the right-time to strike the iron.

    We are dedicated to building relationships that drive business and engagement. Connect with us to know more or to just talk.

    We will be happy to help.


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