How to Set Up Your Conversational Marketing Platform’s Integration With HubSpot (6 Must-Have Steps)

One of the many benefits of conversational marketing is its ability to accelerate your sales cycle. After all, it is built for and used by both your marketing and sales teams to drive pipeline and generate revenue. So knowing how to use the two in coherence with one another is critical.

Regardless of whether you’re using automated chatbots, your SDRs as live agents, or a combination of both, it’s important to identify who your qualified prospects really are.

If engaging leads is one step of the cycle, identifying target accounts and nurturing them is the other step.


Send Sales Buyers, Not Just leads

Your sales team wants leads that will turn into potential buyers, not just ones that are there to browse or look for jobs. At Insent, we’ve classified the prospects that visit your site into 6 high-level categories. You have your New Guests, The Returning Visitor, The Content Binger, The Hot Prospect, The Buying Committee and Your Target Accounts. Each one has a different intention on their mind, and each can be broken down into more targeted lists. We’ve already got a how-to post covered on the different ways to greet each of these visitors so make sure to check that out while you’re here.

But in order to identify where your visitor fits into each of these classifications, you’ve got to rely on your HubSpot database. It’s how you will know who is on your site and instantly route HubSpot-qualified prospects to chat with sales.

Make sure your Hubspot instance is well-integrated with your conversational marketing platform. 

6 Steps to Keep in Mind When Setting Up Your Integration

  1. Send Chat Data into HubSpot: Set up your integration so that new leads and data captured through your chat is synced back into the contact details in HubSpot for tracking and follow-up.
    Sending data to Hubspot from your conversational marketing platform
  2. Build Conversations Based on Target Lists: You know your audience more than anybody, and when they’re actually sales-ready. Bring in your HubSpot active and static lists into your conversational marketing platform so it can be used to target your best prospects with chat the moment they arrive on your website. How else would you know when The Content Binger or Hot Prospect comes online?

    Building conversations based on your target lists in Hubspot
  3. Use HubSpot Data to Personalize Chat Greeting Message: You should leverage the power of personalization by greeting HubSpot contacts with custom greeting messages based on data at their account or contact level. Sync your HubSpot fields into your conversational marketing platform to make this happen.
    Personalize your chat greeting message by leveraging HubSpot Data
  4. HubSpot Sales Routing: Don’t recreate routing rules if they already exist in your HubSpot instance, Use HubSpot’s existing routing rules to route and alert the sales reps who own the account so they can jump in for a conversation.
    Create Sales Routing using your HubSpot lists and data and get notified instantly when these leads are on your site
  5. Use HubSpot Engagement Data to Fuel Conversation: You should be able to easily tap into Hubspot engagement data within the same view as your chat to prompt relevant conversation starters. Did they recently attend a webinar? Ask them how it was.
  6. Automate Post-Chat Workflows in HubSpot: To save time on your end, build HubSpot workflows to automate the data sync between your chat platform back into the CRM.  This includes all of your chat activity, the hand-offs, sales conversations so that you can easily access it for later. Manual tasks can be added into the workflow so that your team can be prompted to add someone into a sales outreach sequence or follow up with some product slicks.

Plugging HubSpot into Your Conversational Marketing Platform Brings Many Benefits:

Get a full inside view of your visitor’s intel as soon as they land on your website, thanks to your conversational marketing platform and it’s integration with Hubspot. Get full insight into their customer and sales engagement data from their company information, name, and where they’re visiting from. This information is pulled from your HubSpot CRM and is accessible within your messaging tool so you can chat with intel.

Connect with your leads faster by pulling your HubSpot target lists, advanced routing rules and past engagement data to not only identify your leads faster, but strike up more personalized greeting messages. This means more leads generated, more meetings booked, and stronger relationships with prospects in our pipeline.

Better account penetration and buying committee engagement  thanks to the combination of HubSpot data and reverse IP resolution that comes with conversational marketing platforms. Now that you know who is visiting your site, your sales team can strike up conversations with existing open opportunities, even if isn’t their champion. Introduce yourself as their account manager and get to know their pain points.

Now that you’ve got your conversational marketing platform set up and tightly integrated with HubSpot, you can build out a high-converting conversation strategy.

By showing your prospects that you’re there to assist them through their sales journey only pushes them towards your product or service. Once they feel it’s the right time, they can engage with your team via your chat platform and continue the conversation. 

The process is fast and gives you immediate results. Say hello to more qualified leads, immediate meetings, and increased opportunities for stronger pipeline and more predictable revenue.


Insent is a human-first B2B chat platform that integrates deeply with HubSpot so you can convert your most engaged prospects in real-time.

Aatharsha Jey

Aatharsha is the Digital Marketer at Insent. She loves creating B2B marketing experiences that help marketers stand out from the crowd and fill their funnel with qualified buyers.

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