A Starter Guide for Sales Teams Using a Human-First Chat Platform


How do you successfully use your chatbots to fuel sales conversations? At Insent, we focus on a human-first approach that will connect you with your most engaged buyers and target accounts while on your website.

It’s an easy, more immediate way to chat, and right at the moment of interest.

Are you ready to chat with your future customers in real-time?

This is your starter guide on why you should implement a chat platform on your website, the benefits of using a human-first approach, and how to use chatbots to successfully drive stronger pipelines. It will also cover some guiding principles on how you can start conversations the right way, followed by examples based on specific use cases.


Why Chat as a Channel?

78% of customers buy from the first responder — Vendasta, 2020

Your traditional sales channels aren’t keeping up with how your buyers communicate today. Their way of communication is ruled by the likes of WhatsApp, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

They don’t want to wait hours, or days for your email response. They don’t want to have to fill out a form, and then go through your automated qualification process before they hear back from you, or receive your call when they’re in back-to-back meetings.

Now more than ever, your buyers expect immediate responses where they want you (on your website) and when they want you (24/7).

You need to be that first responder and experience exponentially (391% to be specific) higher sales conversions because you respond in the first minute.

While chatbots help your marketing team generate leads, they help you drive proactive conversations with your highly-engaged prospects on site. Your marketing team can qualify their buyer-readiness and set up alerts that will notify you when your account is on your site, and most importantly, while they’re actively evaluating your product. You can work with your marketing team to determine when you want to be notified.

This not only saves time but it helps prospects skip-the-form and chat with you directly.

Finally, a marketing channel that gives you what you want: more meetings with your best prospects, and doing so by prioritizing the actual buyers versus leads.


Why Human-First?

No one wants to talk with an automated chatbot during their entire buying process, especially when they’re ready to talk to sales.

Not only does it deter prospects, but it takes away from the authenticity of your brand and the buyer journey. With chatbots, automated responses can only take the lead so far— and this is where human-first approach takes over.

So when your highly engaged prospect is on your website, skip the automated chatbot conversations and break through with a more personalized, targeted conversation starter.

Less buyer friction and more one-on-one engagement will help you close more high-intent prospects.


Guiding Principles

Here are some examples of human-first conversation-starters, and how you can use engagement behaviours and context through Insent’s integration with Salesforce to drive personalized conversations:

"Hey Lee, can I send you a customized pricing package? Looks like you might be interested."


For Human-First Chat:

Jump into Chat Quickly

Once you receive an alert via Insent that a prospect is engaging on your site, you want to initiate conversation as soon as possible. The average time on site of a B2B website is 2-3 minutes, and significantly lower if they are driven through a paid marketing channel. So a few seconds too late and your prospect may have bounced off your website.




Leverage Visitor Intelligence

Insent’s visitor intelligence gives you direct insight into your visiting prospect’s digital engagement and account-level activity. Take a quick glance at your visitor intel (an account view alongside Insent’s chat platform, or above your MS Teams or Slack integration) to help craft your conversation starter.


Make Personalization Your Best Friend

Show your visitors what a truly personalized experience is by making the conversation relevant and personalized to the prospect’s behavior. This can be easily done by leveraging their content consumption history and web engagement behaviour you see in their Visitor Intelligence view. Not only will you be able to focus the conversation directly on their actual problems, but you can aim to solve them immediately.

Alan, you attended our webinar yesterday! How’d you like it?


Don’t Leave Them Waiting

Once you’re in a conversation with a prospect, it is easy to take a minute or two to find the answer they’re looking for, but it’s not a best practice. If you leave them on your site waiting for an answer, the likelihood that they will leave your website is quite high. If they do ask you a question that will take you some time to answer, ask them for an email or phone number so you can get in touch with them as soon as you can help.

I do believe we have that option.
Could you give me a number I can contact you at as soon as I find out?”

That way, even if they do leave your website, you can still connect with them later.

Prioritize High Value accounts

Work with your Marketing team to identify who your most valuable accounts are, and what type of behavior qualifies an alert for you to jump into a conversation. If they’re evaluating you, they are also likely looking into alternative solutions. So give them the red-carpet buyer experience that makes you stand out from the competition.


Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 10.11.04 AM
Book Qualified Meetings

Your goal in each conversation is to always ensure your prospect gets the answer they came looking for, but ultimately a meeting should be booked. This gives you an opportunity to continue the conversation, and effectively generate more pipeline from your website visitors. The faster you can give your prospects access to your sales team by instantly qualifying them, the faster they can book meetings and demos to take the next step.


Great question! Should we schedule a call to go over Insent’s platform and its integration with Marketo so you can see how it works?”


For Chatbots:

Start with Binary Questions

When you start conversations with your prospects, start with binary questions. It shouldn’t be open-ended because it would require a human each time someone responds. Personalize your visitor’s experience. Keep your message specific yet short and simple, with a few pre-selected answers that you offer up to continue the conversation.


A Starter Guide for Sales Teams Using a Human-First Chat Platform-6

Identify Your Target Account Lists

Again, you want to work with your Marketing team to identify website visitors based on your target accounts. Especially those that need more qualification and nurturing before speaking to sales.

Stay Away From the Pitch

Ask them questions on what they’re looking for so you can be helpful. You want to remain unobtrusive and stay away from being heavily sales-focused, especially if they’re coming onto your website for the first time. Focus on getting the prospect the information they need and once they reach your threshold for a marketing qualified lead, you can connect them to sales in real-time..

Leverage Healthy Levels of Personalization

Use contextual cues to personalize the chatbot. But remember not to overuse context, you end up sounding creepy

Keep it Friendly

Be casual and friendly in tone. You want the leads to engage your visitors in a 1-on-1 human conversation.


Create Unique Chatbots Based on Website Interaction

You don’t want your visitors to see the same bot appear on every page they view, no matter how many times they’ve been on site. Create unique chatbot conversations for each level of interaction, and for your high-value website pages.

We run through a few examples of conversations to set up based on the type of visitor here.

A/B Test Your Greeting Messages

Greeting messages are the subject lines to your emails. With the right greeting message, you can hook and capture the attention of your leads to start conversations immediately. But, like all new strategies, you must leverage some A/B testing to see which greeting message works best for you and your lead, and which convert the most reps.

Aim for Actionable Interactions

Always aim to end your conversation with a CTA or an action item so that you can push prospects further along the buyer journey. This can be signing them up for a demo with an AE, signing them up for an upcoming webinar, inviting them to an event, or even sharing some helpful content (based on their persona).



Insent is a human-first B2B chat platform that has been carefully built by taking in each of these factors into serious consideration.


Aatharsha Jey

Aatharsha is the Digital Marketer at Insent. She loves creating B2B marketing experiences that help marketers stand out from the crowd and fill their funnel with qualified buyers.

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